Shiny New Toy Syndrome

                     4:35 0:00                  We all commit this marketing sin to some extent. We chase shiny new toys that promise significant results (and fast!) despite the nagging voice in our minds telling us we’ve done this before. It’s a cycle that looks like this: First, we get excited about a new marketing strategy, idea, or …

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  Creating campaigns focused on advocacy has numerous benefits. By giving your advocates the proper tools to share their experiences with others and interact with your brands empowers them as advocates. These advocates have tremendous value to your brand, even outside of their continued patronage. But you need to create campaigns hyper-focused to get that …

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  Awareness is pivotal for every brand. When put into a marketing campaign, awareness is designed to expose your brand to new people and develop an affinity from the ground up. Trying to sell to a customer before this stage is just wasted time, energy, and money. Plus, you’re likely to turn people off of …

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  Using technology to free up human hours is imperative. First, it lets you scale in size without worry. Without automation, if you got too many new customers, you’d find yourself scrambling just to even be in contact with them. Second, it allows your human hours to be used where they are most beneficial, not …

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