Brian Richardson Founder, Prep 2 Exit - Operations Consultant

brian richardsonBrian has founded, grown, transitioned and sold companies in healthcare, manufacturing, environmental, the pet industry and IT. These companies have ranged in size from 1 to 400 employees; and from bootstrapped to millions.

As a serial entrepreneur, Brian navigated multiple exits. In preparation of each exit he discovered the lack of coaching, consulting and education. After figuring things out himself, Brian sold his last 400 employee company to a billion competitor without using a broker. He negotiated against the company’s M&A team of eight. Brian walked away the day after closing a free man with 90% cash in hand.

While looking to acquire another business, he evaluated over 100 companies for sale. In talking with the owners, it became painfully clear too many had no grasp as to the unpreparedness of their enterprises.

Brian decided to fill the void by helping 10,000 Baby Boomer business owners navigate their exits so they can reap the rewards of life afterwards.

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