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Intent Company Group Demo – Beta Invite

Please read the details below the video for the Beta Invitation as the they are a little different from the video recommendations.


Intent Company Group Beta Invite

Thank you for reviewing this video. If you’re reading this it’s because I value your thoughts and I believe in the unique business calling in your life. It’s my passion to support entrepreneurs in their pursuit of improving the world through their business.

I believe this program will be a great support to your call. Please review the details below to see if this is the right tool for you. I know this won’t be right for everyone. I appreciate your time in reviewing these details.

Beta Group Details:

  • You will receive completely free lifetime access, but you will need to do a little “work” to maintain access. To put this in a bit of context, our opening fees to participate are $2,000 initial setup plus $200/mo. We’re willing to give this to you for free upon meeting some criteria.
    • You have or want to start a business that focuses on adding real value to the world. This program is not for those just trying to make a buck. We don’t focus on the new hot niche or the trend of the month. We focus on serving real people and real problems with foundational business and marketing principles.
    • You will take the workshops and apply the recommendations to your business.
    • You will provide regular feedback via online surveys to help us create better content and tools.
    • You will be available for phone call interviews quarterly.
  • This next list is not required, but is greatly appreciated.
    • Provide us with video and/or text testimonials of your experience.
    • Share invites to free content and tools with your network.
    • Participate in our private member social network.

We believe this is an extraordinary opportunity for your business. If you agree, please complete the form below. We will review each submission and, upon approval, create your login credentials.

Beta access is limited and we will prioritize based on completed submissions.

Thanks for your consideration!,

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