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We all commit this marketing sin to some extent.

We chase shiny new toys that promise significant results (and fast!) despite the nagging voice in our minds telling us we’ve done this before.

It’s a cycle that looks like this:

First, we get excited about a new marketing strategy, idea, or tool.

Then, we shove it into our current marketing strategy (which may or may not be full of former shiny new toys).

Then, we have to wait because this process is inefficient, so it takes weeks and months, and we completely lose interest in that particular strategy.

But then we find a brand new shiny toy! And it’s going to fix all our marketing problems once and for all…

How do you know if you’re guilty of this? Look for signs like:

When you see some success, you often aren’t exactly sure what you did that caused it and why.
Having a variety of marketing strategies (all at various stages of development) that don’t collectively serve a singular marketing focus
There’s a noticeable difference between the marketing strategy of your dreams when compared to the marketing strategy you actually employ

Hey, you’re not alone. It’s actually incredibly common. We’ve helped others (and ourselves!) with this, and we want to help you, too.

Access our free, 5-day webinar called Focus & Fire that will help you stop chasing shiny new toys and start marketing with… you guessed it… focus & fire.

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